Got my new camera :)

I picked up a D7000 today. I lucked out because this guy listed it a few weeks ago and it was the only one within 200 miles. He was asking more than I was looking to spend but he was nice enough to come down to my price. It turns out hes an editor for an online surfing magazine. He was really into my iphoneography, after seeing the link at the end of my email, and wants to collaborate somehow in the future, which should be cool.

Anyways, this is the first photo from my new camera. I made it look a little gloomier because thats the sort of day it is here. I present to you my first tulips ever grown in the garden. Bought in Oregon and grown in Cali.


10 thoughts on “Got my new camera :)

  1. thats a fairly impressive first shot! my first shots on new cameras are generally of my bed or some very unflattering object. hahah. the D7000 is a great camera, and a worth competitor to the amazing canon 7D (maybe even better, in some ways) – and although i dont feel its necessary to upgrade ur equipment (definitely not ur camera body that often), a minimum level is always good.. and getting the best one u can afford is smart.

    • I’ve actually rented it before for a gig, so I kinda know my way around the camera already. I had to pick this one up because I love HDR photography and the dynamic range of the sensor is really sweet.

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