Lars van de Goor

I’d like to start sharing some of the photographers that inspire me. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the stunning work of Lars Van de Goor. Lars is from the Netherlands and has only been shooting since 2007. He has a talent for composition and creating dreamy landscapes. Enjoy some of my favorites along with some quotes from his website.

that same other world

“A few years ago when someone saw my pictures he said ‘You’re not a photographer, you’re an artist!’ And voila, now everything was possible, I did not feel limited by technology, knowledge, labels, or whatever.” -Lars van de Goor

Speulder Forest

“By working just a bit more extreme on the colors without creating kitsch, a kind of surreal effect arise, it is familiar and yet it isn’t…to be awake in the dream.” -Lars van de Goor

The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover...

“My first passion was music, the latest photography and editing. In a way I am still composing.” -Lars van de Goor


“Standing at a place where you feel the magic and be there as long as it takes till something happens. What I mean by that is after a while you start to look in a different way… try it!” -Lars van de Goor


running in gold

You can find Lars on 500px, flickr, and his own personal website.

4 thoughts on “Lars van de Goor

  1. It is obvious why he inspires you. He is probably an inspiration to anyone that every sees his work and to me now. Thank you for sharing this.

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