Bursting Through

Bursting Through

This shot was a little different for me to process. When I shot it, my first series of bracketed shots was at f22. Then, I decided I needed a much wider range covered, so I used my 2 custom user settings which I have set to bracket 6 exposures at 1 EV each. What I forgot was my custom settings are set to f8. If you don’t know, the aperture affects the sunburst. F22 is what you’re seeing here. The f8 version is much less defined.

So, what I did was create an HDR for the f22 bracketed shots and also the f8 shots. Then, I masked in the cooler sunburst. Meaning, this shot is made up of a lot of exposures and I made more work for myself by not changing my settings to f22 the second time.

Next time I’ll even do an extra shot with my thumb blocking the sun so I can remove the flares more easily in post.


2 thoughts on “Bursting Through

  1. Well, all that work made another breathtaking photo. So, thank you. This is beautiful and makes me want to be there. Right now. You + California scenery = photographic perfection.

    • Thank you Sarah. This was my first time trying a shot like this through the trees. It came out surprisingly well. I can’t believe how much detail my new camera can pick up.

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