Limekiln Creek Long Exposure & Award

Limekiln Creek Long Exposure

Another long exposure for this long exposure challenge thing.

Heather from bitsnbooks, was kind enough to give me the Reader Appreciation Award. Now I get to link to 6 blogs that I love to read.

1. SeeingSpotsPhoto– Shannon is a good photographer and a damn funny girl. She’s also been great for the community by putting together challenges with fellow photographer, Nick Mayo.

2. Tracie Louise Photography– Tracie is an inspiring photographer who often provides some insightful words to go along with the beautiful photos.

3. Ian Spagnolo– Ian is another outstanding photographer. You should be following him if you’re not already.

4. Painted By The Sun– I just found Carol Anne’s wonderful iPhoneography recently. If you like taking pics with your iPhone, you should go see what shes doing.

5. Isabella Hart Photography– At only 14 years old, she is a very talented artist. Photography, painting, singing her own songs while playing the guitar, you name it, she does it….and well. Go follow and encourage this young artist.

6. Through My Lens– Maralee is a really wonderful photographer. I especially enjoy her flower photos.

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