Sean Bagshaw

Oops, its been a while since I shared a photographer that I find inspiring.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the work of Sean Bagshaw, who is an amazing nature, landscape, and travel photographer located in my future home of Ashland, Oregon.

The amount of high quality images he produces is impressive. I wish I could post 50 of them for you, but you’ll have to settle for a handful and go look at his websites at the end of this post. I’ll add some quotes from his website, and others, in between the photos.

“Sean Bagshaw is a widely recognized photographer…[he] has made his mark by taking steps away from the more staid, traditional landscape scene…The torch is passing.” -Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Shasta Lavender

Even as a kid, climbing and backpacking in the Sierras and Cascades with my family, and traveling to the West Indies and China instilled in me a passion for exploring the world not just as a spectator but as a participant.

Lunar Eclipse August 28, 2007

With no formal photography education it took a while for me to realize that my camera was more than a tool for simply recording events. It has now become a window through which I experience life.

Twilight Falls

Early on I spent time trying to emulate what I saw in other people’s photos, which I think is a natural part of the progression. I worried that I didn’t know what my voice or vision was. However, as time goes on I am starting to see my style emerge. Now I realize that it isn’t something that you necessarily decide on, rather it is an extension of who you are and it comes through naturally as you gain experience, perspective and put in the time.

Forces Of Time

Sean’s work is about isolating defining moments of light, geometric relationships and a dramatic sense of mystery and exploration he finds in the natural world.

Silence Takes You

There are so many more amazing photos for you to enjoy on his websites. Additionally, he offers video tutorials of his editing techniques on his site if you’re interested in how he extends the dynamic range of an image without HDR software. Sean also does workshops with another outstanding photographer.

Sean’s websites:

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