Salt Creek Falls

Salt Creek Falls HDR

My aunt took me on an adventure last fall when I visited her in Eugene, Oregon. We got lost a couple of times, but thats what happens on a real adventure right? We eventually found Salt Creek Falls near Oakridge, OR. This beast is the second highest waterfall in Oregon with a 286 foot drop.

The lighting wasn’t pretty when we got there, but I made do with what I had. Thats usually what happens when non photographers show you around. They don’t know that lighting is very important and think you can just go out and shoot any time of day.

I ended up painting in some light and shadows on a layer of soft light to make the lighting more interesting. Thats something I recommend trying sometime on a boring picture. Use a brush at 10% opacity and paint on a new layer set to soft light using white or black…or you can get creative and use colors.


3 thoughts on “Salt Creek Falls

  1. Hmmm, never thought about doing that before. I guess you can tell by that alone that I’ve spent too many years in the stock world. I think it’s a great idea and I love this photo!

    • Ive always been intrigued by the idea of painting light into photos to make them more dramatic. I still haven’t tried to recreate what I have in my mind, but I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far.

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