Shocking Yosemite

I’m playing around with the ShockMyPic Mac app. Above is a photo I shot about 7 years ago with my old point and shoot canon. Yes, I was shooting canon until a few years ago. Before that, I was using a 35mm Olympic. So much for brand loyalty.

The original image was very bland. Just for laughs, we’ll blame Canon. I did quite a bit of work in photoshop just to get it looking the way it does above. Then, I thought I’d try shock my pic to see what I could come up. To my surprise, on the low settings, it didn’t look too much like a painting. It had a slight painterly feel when you look at the larger version, but theres also added clarity.

Go ahead and view both of the large version at the same time to see the difference. In this case, it appears subtle until you zoom in, but if I had used different settings, it would be obvious that I used ShockMyPic.

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