App Review: ShockMyPic for Mac

I recently reviewed the ShockMyPic app for the iPhone, and they were nice enough to offer me a promo code for the desktop version. After someone else told me they really liked the Mac version, I jumped at the offer.

I’ll start this review off with exerpts from the ShockMyPic help center because I think they sum up their app really well.

ShockMyPic is an image filter to create a Van Gogh like image. It enhances flow-like structures like hair.

At first you have to know that ShockMyPic is only one piece of your image processing workflow. Thus, you should use it with other programs – at least an image resizing application – to get your desired effect.

They make a great point, ShockMyPic is just a filter, and they don’t intend on adding any features you’d find in an editing program. You shouldn’t expect it to turn every image into an amazing work of art. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. For the best results, you should touch up your images before running them through ShockMyPic.

There are two modes to ShockMyPic, and they’re both simple. The basic mode allows you to adjust the filter width with a slider. Small numbers make for fine/smaller swirls.

The larger widths make for a very different style.

The Professional mode is kind of a funny name to me because it only adds one more slider, to adjust iterations. As far as I can tell, it darkens or thickens the lines between the swirls.

Here are some examples I’ve created in just a matter of minutes. I recommend clicking on the landscapes to see more details. The effect is much more noticeable on the larger version. The file size definitely played a part in how the effect was applied.

One thing to remember, the larger the file size, the longer it takes to render the effect. If you know you’re not going to print it, and just post to the web, resize your image before you apply the filter.


ShockMyPic is a great filter that can change your photos into art in about a minute. I find that the smaller widths tend to look best to me, but you should definitely experiment. I don’t see a need to use the professional mode myself, the basic mode does a great job. If you have this app on your iPhone, the Mac version is just as good as the iPhone version, but its much nicer being able to work on a monitor instead of a tiny screen. For this price, why wouldn’t you get this app?

Rating:  5/5

Price:    $2.99

**Full disclosure, the developers of this app gave me a promo code to review their app. I’m not receiving any compensation for this review.**

7 thoughts on “App Review: ShockMyPic for Mac

  1. When I clicked on the image with the purpley water and sky, I was so amazed. For some reason, that painting called The Scream from Edvard Munch came to mind. They are in no way similar, but it just made me think of it. Weird.

    • I definitely like it on the iPhone. It does a great job turning your photos into something a little more interesting.

      If you want larger, higher resolution versions, I’d recommend the desktop version because the iPhone is limited to 960×1440 for whatever reason.

      • Thanks! Where did you learn your photography and why did you decide to start a blog on iPhone Photography in particular? Just curious. I am loving your tips! 🙂

      • I started out with a couple of black and white film classes in high school. Years later, I took 2 more black and white classes at a community college and 1 for digital photography. None of them really went beyond the basics.

        I decided to get serious a few years ago and pushed myself to learn something almost everyday. I read quite a few ebooks, watched some and kelbytraining videos, and spent plenty of time just observing the light.

        I started the iphone blog the night my dear aunt died because I went out thinking I’d get a special sunset and got a cool shot. The sky opened up in front of me just before the sun went down (it had been pretty cloudy) and there was just something about the image that made me want to share it. Then people started to enjoy all of the photos I was sharing.

        I only started using my iphone for photography about 7 months ago after I sold my camera and was between DSLR’s.

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