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Something seemed a little off to me with the regular HDR processed version above. The problem was this was a quick bracketed shot as I was moving between different vantage points for the McWay Falls shot. I only got 3 exposures with +/-1 EV and the scene clearly needed at least 6 stops.

If the problem of not enough exposures wasn’t bad enough, the 3 I had came out pretty nasty in photomatix, so I only ended up using 2 of them. Definitely not my typical workflow for HDR.

I hate blown out skies, but I thought I might be able to get away with it because of the golden rays. After a nap, it still didn’t look right, so I tried using Shock My Pic on the Mac (look for the iphone and mac review soon.) The result was kind of cool. Then I remembered Pixel Bender has a great oil paint filter. I think it put the finishing touches on this one.

What do you think?

The Right Path


Sean Bagshaw

Oops, its been a while since I shared a photographer that I find inspiring.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the work of Sean Bagshaw, who is an amazing nature, landscape, and travel photographer located in my future home of Ashland, Oregon.

The amount of high quality images he produces is impressive. I wish I could post 50 of them for you, but you’ll have to settle for a handful and go look at his websites at the end of this post. I’ll add some quotes from his website, and others, in between the photos.

“Sean Bagshaw is a widely recognized photographer…[he] has made his mark by taking steps away from the more staid, traditional landscape scene…The torch is passing.” -Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Shasta Lavender


Twilight at Big Sur

Twilight at Big Sur

I actually ended up with more quality long exposures than I could submit for this long exposure challenge with Shannon and Nick. This one didn’t make the cut, but I like it enough to share here.

After the sun had disappeared, these golden rays of light burst out from the horizon. It was pretty cool to see in person because the rays were much more defined.

Limekiln Creek Long Exposure & Award

Limekiln Creek Long Exposure

Another long exposure for this long exposure challenge thing.

Heather from bitsnbooks, was kind enough to give me the Reader Appreciation Award. Now I get to link to 6 blogs that I love to read.

1. SeeingSpotsPhoto– Shannon is a good photographer and a damn funny girl. She’s also been great for the community by putting together challenges with fellow photographer, Nick Mayo.

2. Tracie Louise Photography– Tracie is an inspiring photographer who often provides some insightful words to go along with the beautiful photos.

3. Ian Spagnolo– Ian is another outstanding photographer. You should be following him if you’re not already.

4. Painted By The Sun– I just found Carol Anne’s wonderful iPhoneography recently. If you like taking pics with your iPhone, you should go see what shes doing.

5. Isabella Hart Photography– At only 14 years old, she is a very talented artist. Photography, painting, singing her own songs while playing the guitar, you name it, she does it….and well. Go follow and encourage this young artist.

6. Through My Lens– Maralee is a really wonderful photographer. I especially enjoy her flower photos.

McWay Falls HDR

This is one of those pictures that you have to click to see larger. I can’t help but feel like I’m there in paradise again when I look at it.

I don’t know if this is really considered long exposure at .8 of a second. Its long enough to capture some nice motion in the waves. You can’t hand hold at that shutter speed, so I’ll call it long exposure.

I did a bunch of bracketed shots thinking I’d use them for an HDR of this scene, but this one was actually made up of TIFF’s I created from a single RAW. It seemed much easier than dealing with ghosting in the trees and water.

Bursting Through

Bursting Through

This shot was a little different for me to process. When I shot it, my first series of bracketed shots was at f22. Then, I decided I needed a much wider range covered, so I used my 2 custom user settings which I have set to bracket 6 exposures at 1 EV each. What I forgot was my custom settings are set to f8. If you don’t know, the aperture affects the sunburst. F22 is what you’re seeing here. The f8 version is much less defined.

So, what I did was create an HDR for the f22 bracketed shots and also the f8 shots. Then, I masked in the cooler sunburst. Meaning, this shot is made up of a lot of exposures and I made more work for myself by not changing my settings to f22 the second time.

Next time I’ll even do an extra shot with my thumb blocking the sun so I can remove the flares more easily in post.

Limekiln Creek

Limekiln Creek

Limekiln State Park is closing on July 1st because out here in California we don’t know how to balance a budget. If you can, go check it out and enjoy the amazing trails.

This was my first time visiting the park. I hiked 2 of the 3 trails and wasn’t disappointed. There is a 100ft waterfall about 20 feet beyond where this picture was taken. There are also old lime kilns from the 1800s. They seem a bit out of place in the middle of a redwood forest.

I shot a lot of long exposures yesterday. Mostly because thats what the scenes called for, but it also happens that my friend Shannon is co-hosting a long exposure challenge after the successful quotography project. Better grab your tripod and get started soon!